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Strolling Entertainment


  - Jugglers  

  - Stilt Walkers 

  - Balloon Artists

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  - Fire Eaters

  - Living Statues

  - Magicians

  - Mimes

  - Origami Artists

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St. Ignatius enrichment day


     Many parties, festivals, parades, and receptions aren't looking for a stage show.  They want a performer who can make his way through the crowd entertaining and adding atmosphere as he goes.  Performing in this way requires someone of quick wit with a lot of skill.  The affect of a gifted performer is a feeling of excitement in the air and great memories that make your event stand out!  The number of performers will depend upon your event, but remember that Juggler Dave and Friends are friends and they perform together often making them capable of performing impromptu shows and playing off of one another.

Call Dave at (513) 921-5454 or email JugglerDave@JugglerDave.com.