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Christian Shows: We’re proud to offer a variety of Christian entertainment. We have Christian juggling shows, Christian Magic Shows, Christian Music Shows, and Christian Game Shows. Our material is great for all ages and for the entire parish. During the course of any given evening we tell lots of bible stories and witness about the love of God. Our shows are non-denominational and emphasize that God is good and loves us with repeated references to scripture. Please call us if you have an event or questions.

Children’s Shows and Birthdays: We perform juggling and magic shows for school enrichment days as well as libraries and in people’s homes. Here are some of the shows that we offer. Juggling shows, Magic shows, Renaissance Pirate shows, Reading Shows, Drug Awareness Shows, Knight Shows (with swords and full suit of armor) and of course holiday shows. All of our shows involve making the children laugh and enjoy themselves. We involve the audience a great deal and give stickers to our volunteers. During our birthday party shows we give lots of special attention to the birthday child and even make balloons afterward.

DANGER SHOWS: If you want something a little different try our comedy danger show. We juggle knives, fire, bowling balls, we eat fire and crack whips. We arrive in all black and bring an attitude with it. This show is great for festivals it is family appropriate but geared toward adults.

Holiday Shows: Happy Christmas! and Merry Hanukkah we wish the luck of the Easter Bunny upon all of you! From Vampire shows to Elf magic we’re happy to be a part of your event!

Customized Shows: We love performing customized shows it’s the only way to show you all of our talents! It’s great to know some of your history, and who the best people to pick on are. You’ll be surprised how we turn your event into a comedic explosion! No our comedians don’t explode, but you’ll think your sides are going to! We have happily performed customized shows for fund raising dinners, office parties, band camps, and Shakespeare Festivals. Tell us what your event is about and give us a little time, you’ll be amazed at what we come up with. We may even invent some never before seen tricks and some new props! We’ve made, flaming bowls, catapults, , bell towers, and rubber chickens (we stuffed them and put them on sticks), All of our shows are professional, all of our shows are fun, all of our shows are affordable and all of our shows are backed by years of experience and lots of talent!

Call Dave at (513) 921-5454 or JugglerDave@hotmail.com.

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