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(Skills: Acting, Balls, Balancing, Clubs, Fire Eating, Knives, Rings, Rola Bola, Strait Jacket, Torches, Whip)

(Performances: Danger Shows, Fire Shows, Juggling Strolls, Taste of Cincinnati Shows)

Long time performer and Juggler Rochelle has been the entertainment for many events. She has a great stage presence and your adults will love her wit. Rochelle now performs a The Ultimate Comedy Danger Show with Juggler Dave, but Rochelle can also be seen performing in many juggling strolls and acting in many different costumes. Rochelle McCollom was also the organizer of the Cincinnati Club Club, a recreational juggling club which made all of this possible. Most Cincinnati Jugglers consider Rochelle their Queen since she was the one who taught us and she was the one who first suggested that we form a company and begin entertaining.

Sir Silly Scott:

(Acting, Balls, Balancing, Balloons Animals, Bowling Ball, Bounce Balls, Clubs, Diablo, Knives, Rings, Rola Bola, Torches)

(Performances: Acting, Birthday Parties, Christian Juggling, Solo Stage Shows, Band Camp Shows, Shows, Christmas Shows, Juggling Strolls, )

Sir Silly Scott has a long history of juggling in Cincinnati before joining Juggler Dave and Friends. Scott brings some phenomenal skills of balancing objects, as well as many medals. Scott and Dave often team up to perform really outrageous band camp shows and diner theater together.

Arnold Ward:

(Skills: Acting, Balls, Balancing, Balloon Animals, Bounce Balls, Bowling Ball, Clubs, Double Diablo, Fire Eating, Fire Poi, Knives, Parades, Poi, Rings, Rola Bola, Stilts, Torches, Unicycle)

(Performances: Acting, Birthday Parties, Solo Stage Shows, Juggling though the Ages Shows, Stilt Strolls, Juggling Strolls, Taste of Cincinnati Shows)

Arnold Ward is a legend at Purdue University where he juggled while attending college. Arn is an awesome juggler with the ability to juggle seven balls, five clubs, and just about anything you can throw at him. Arn has had many juggling partners over his career and has been seen performing at Taste of Cincinnati with Rochelle McCollom, and Justin McCoy. Arn is an accomplished children's performer, but has also performed in many corporations encouraging creativity, thinking outside the box and team work.

Nancy Ward: Previously Nancy Host. Nancy and Arn married on 5/8/2004!!! Yeah!!! In the time leading up the wedding Arn taught Nancy juggling, stilt walking and balloons! Now she's one of the pack.

Megan Heck:

(Balloons and Face Painting)

Megan was formerly a woman's pro-wrestler in women with hairy backs league. Just kidding she's great!

Tom Tumbusch:

(Skills: Acting, Balls, Balloon Animals, Clubs, Parades, Stilts, Torches)

(Performances: Acting, Birthday Parties, Juggling Strolls, Living Statue, Madrigal Dinners, Miming, Singing, Stilt Strolls, Swing Dancing Instructions)

Actor Tom Tumbusch performs as a living statue, a mime, a stilt walker, a swing dancer, and a juggler. You'll recognize time because of his out going personality and because he's probably singing while he works. Tom brings with him a contagious energy and a presence that fills any event.

Rachel Wheeler:

(Skills: Acting, Balls, Balancing, Clubs, Devil Sticks, Face Painting, Knives, Poi, Torches)

(Performances: Acting, Birthday Parties, Juggling Strolls, Madrigal Dinners, Elizabethan Girl Talk, Zambeanie Brothers, Airplane Pilot Impersonation)

Rachel Wheeler has stared in Renaissance Madrigal diners, Zambeanie Brothers original production, and Elizabethan Girl Talk original production. Rachel is an accomplished jugglers, face painter, and airplane pilot.

Kevin Brandenburg: Newest addition to our group. Kevin was a student of Juggler Dave's while Dave taught high school. Kevin has spent a great deal of time practicing and now four years later Kevin can juggle, unicycle, stilt walk, balloon sculpt, and do some magic. Kevin has also performed these skills at every possible occasion and now as a high school graduate he's turning professional!

Dave Willacker:

(Skills: Acting, Balls, Balancing, Balloon Animals, Bounce Balls, Bowling Ball, Cigar Boxes, Clubs, Fire Eating, Fencing, Flower Sticks, Knives, Magic, Rings, Rola Bola, Stilts, Torches, Unicycle)

(Performances: Acting, Birthday Parties, Solo Stage Shows, Juggling though the Ages Shows, Literacy Up for Grabs Show, Danger Show, Christian Juggling Show, Stilt Strolls, Parades, Juggling Strolls)

Dave Willacker has been performing since he made the cast of the Ohio Renaissance Festival in 1993. He performed with the festival during the 1993 and 1994 seasons during which time he played a myriad of characters. While at the festival Dave studied improvisation, acting, and sword play. Since the Ohio Renaissance festival Dave has never strayed far from theater dabbling in acting, writing and directing. Dave enjoys writing original dinner theater entertainment, if you have a challenge let him know you won't be disappointed. In addition to acting, Dave has pursued his other two great loves, the study of theology and juggling. Ironically all three of these skills, acting, theology, and juggling, came together three years ago. While teaching theology at a Northern Kentucky High School, Dave and friends began getting requests for shows. Juggler Dave and Friends was born!

Originally, performing under the name Juggler's Ink to signify their willingness to adapt and write new material, they began performing many shows. As time went by they began to acquire new and amazing skills: stilt walking, magic, fire eating, unicycling, bull whipping, lassoing, and balloons. Dave went on to combine his knowledge of scripture and history with juggling to produce an innovative and riveting way of telling bible stories. As Dave began performing more and more Christian Juggling shows, and as some of the original members of the group retired the name of the group naturally changed to Juggler Dave and Friends. Some new members were welcomed and now the troupe boasts many new skills including: Balancing, Miming, Renaissance Shows, and Danger Shows.

Today, Dave Willacker is pressing his own boundaries in juggling and story telling. He continues to bring his ministry to many adult, family, children's audiences, and is designing new original props. As a writer he is working on a text book for teaching the Hebrew Scriptures, as well as original dinner theater murder mysteries.

As a performer Juggler Dave is now developing new props and skills including a catapult, bed of nails, and lariat. He is also developing new shows such as the Danger Show and pressing old shows to new heights. If you enjoyed one of Juggler Dave's performances a couple of years ago wait till you see him now!

Juggler Dave and Friends have performed at hundreds of places including for: The Cincinnati Reds, The Cincinnati Zoo, The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, The Cincinnati Ballet, Union Terminal, Proctor and Gamble, General Electric, Sawyer Point, Sharonville Recreation Center, Evendale Recreation Center, many Churches, many Parades, many Schools, many Golf Courses, many Libraries, many Weddings, and Hundreds of Birthday parties.

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