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Dave, Santa, and Arnold Opening day for the Dayton Dragons.
Our history as a performing troupe can be described in three distinct sections. The sections would be The Cincinnati Club Club, Jugglers Ink, and Juggler Dave and Friends. Prior to any of these we each have our own personal histories. Many of us joined The Cincinnati Club Club having already performed in one way or another. Arn is still a legend at Purdue. Rachel had performed in several Madrigal dinners, Dave had performed at the Ohio Renaissance festival, and Rochelle had received training from the great Tom Sparrow. Our individual histories are described in greater detail within the biography section, sufficed to say that we all met at The Cincinnati Club Club.

The Cincinnati Club Club was founded by Rochelle McCollom and Merry Spar in 1991. Both had received training from Tom Sparrow and both had joined the International Juggling Association or I.J.A. The club was founded and maintains the idea that all jugglers are welcome to, “Come Throw Up with Us.” It was at The Cincinnati Club Club that we all met, as we became friends and grew in our juggling prowess we soon discovered that people liked watching us juggle. This seems a bit naive in retrospect, but we simply liked to juggle. In time people began requesting shows, which we did because we were flattered to be asked. In more time people began requesting repeated performances and our social calendar began to fill. It was our Queen Rochelle (affectionately named this because of her formative roll and her charismatic personality) who suggested to us that we could ask for payment in return for shows. It was a simple suggestion, but with it we were catapulted into the next phase of our juggling semi-professionals. It was agree that we should not use the name, “The Cincinnati Club Club.” It was important to us that the club remain to encourage the art and sport of juggling. We chose a new name to perform under, and Juggler’s Ink was born.

Juggler’s Ink was ironically the suggestion of the woman who had began The Cincinnati Club Club. Rochelle was now responsible for the beginnings of two major juggling developments in Cincinnati. At Rochelle’s suggestion someone else was needed to run Juggler’s Ink the role fell to Dave Willacker who began organizing the group. Many suggestions came from many members the end result was a company that wore costumes, performed strolls and stage shows, and was willing to custom tailor shows, (hence Ink instead of Inc.). As time went by the group performed many places and while always great jugglers, became better and better as performers. They developed a great deal of original material, some of which has drifted into the general market. After several years as Juggler’s Ink during which some of the original members moved on and much growth had occurred. The title Juggler’s Ink, was beginning to be called into question. In addition to personnel additions and subtractions two major changes had occurred Dave Willacker had become a full time professional juggler and had become the focal point of the groups performances, and the group needed a name that reflected the fluidity of the group members. A new name was chosen, Juggler Dave and Friends.

Juggler Dave and Friends is our finest hour yet to date. We continue to improve and excel, but the new name reflects the additions of some seasoned independent performers to the group and the accumulation of our many skills. We now perform at very large events, in addition to still being available for the occasional birthday party. We have continued our tradition of performing customized shows and we’re confident that we can entertain any audience. Juggler Dave and Friends practices comedy entertainment designed to make anyone laugh and use lots of volunteers. Many of use are members of the International Juggling Association and the World Clown Organization. Our most cherished membership, however, is to The Cincinnati Club Club where we still laugh and throw things at one another.

What do we offer?

  • Six of our members are professional Jugglers.
  • Six of our members juggle fire.
  • Four of our members are accomplished Renaissance Actors.
  • Four of our members are professional Stilt walkers. Performing in several costumes including: Uncle Sam,
  • Festival, Mardi Gras, Jester, Cowboy, Elf, and Tuxedo.
  • Three of our members Unicycle.
  • Two of our members bull whip.
  • Two of our members are fencers.
  • Two or our members own catapults.
  • One of our members eats fire.
  • One of our members does fire poi to music.
  • One of our members Mimes.
  • One of our members has a Masters in Theology.
  • One of our members does trick roping.
  • One of our members can balance chairs on his chin.
  • All of our members make excellent creative Balloon Animals.
  • All of our members are awesome!

Where do we perform?

  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Festivals
  • Corporations
  • Offices
  • Churches
  • Retreats
  • Christmas Parties
  • Colleges
  • Picnics
  • Parades
  • Shakespeare Festivals
  • Sports Events
  • Half Times
  • Who else do we know and can recommend?
  • Magicians
  • Face Painters
  • Clowns
  • Disc Jockeys
  • Caricaturists
  • Ventriloquists
  • Puppeteers
  • Masters of Ceremony

Why go with a troupe?

One of the benefits to going with a group of entertainers as opposed to gathering them a little bit at a time or through an agency is that we know each other. Juggler Dave and Friends is exactly that, we are a group of friends who enjoy juggling and performing together. The benefits to the consumer are many…

  • We’re used to entertaining together.
  • We know each others strengths and play off of each other.
  • We set up each others jokes.
  • We tease people together.
  • Together we juggle around people.
  • We have matching professional costumes.
  • If a life event comes up, we don’t have to cancel.
  • You can just write one check.

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