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Stilt Walking Entertainment

Great for Parties, Festivals and Parades!

Juggler Dave and Friends can offer up to six stilt walkers at one time! As well as an array of costuming! As stilt walkers we are impressively agile and can move around easily in crowded areas. Our stilts are adjustable so we can fit into normal ceilings or tower high in the air! We specialize in giving really high high-fives, juggling, and interacting with crowd. Sometimes we even put on instant crowd gathering shows.

Having a stilt walker is a great way to entertain large volumes of people, without setting up a stage!

Nothing says, “You’re having a big event than a big entertainer!”


Some of the many costumes available:

Contact Juggler Dave and Friends call Dave at (513) 921-5454 or email him at JugglerDave@hotmail.com.

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